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Pray For Houston

Thank you for your support!
Open Gym Proceeds totaled $520.00 and donated to Red Cross Org. Gymnastics Support Organization (GWC Boys and Girls Team) raised $1,640.00 and donated to Thorton Gymnastics in Houston/Go Fund Me Account.

Competition Schedules

Girls Team

Flames Invitational
When: January 12-14
Where: Glendale, AZ
Who: Levels 6-10
USA Invitational
When: Jan 26-27
Where: Glendale, AZ
Who: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Levels 2,3,5,6-10

Boys Team

North Valley Invite
When: Jan 13-14
Where: Phoenix
Who: Levels 5,6,7,9
Stanford Open
When: Jan 25-27
Where: Palo Alto, CA
Who: Levels 9-10